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If your application or website previously used the ID6 look and feel with the old Warwick logotype, you can quickly update it to ID6a which includes the new logotype but keeps all dimensions and behaviour as it is at the moment.

id6a.css is included in the general distribution of ID7, and can be used as an interim measure without any template changes. This also requires three images, logotype-colour.svg, id6a-logotype.png and id6a-mobile-sprites.png to be placed in an images/ directory as a sibling to the directory that id6a.css is within.

You may previously have a line of HTML referring to the print logo, which appears when pages are printed. The src of this image needs changing from warwick_uni_black.gif in ID6 to logotype-colour.svg in ID6a and setting width="136" height="26".

Download the latest release of ID6a

Old ID6 masthead


New ID6a masthead