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Wide viewport

By default, the ID7 viewport is constrained to a 1170px (LG) wide container.

Optionally, you can enable one or two additional breakpoints (at 1600px and 1900px) for a 1570px or 1870px wide container (XL and 2XL, respectively).

Either include id7-wide.css instead of id7.css, or if you are building your own assets, set the two LessCSS variables:

@support-xl-viewport: false; // Set to true to add the XL breakpoint at 1600px
@support-2xl-viewport: false; // Set to true (as well as above) to add the 2XL breakpoint at 1900px

If @support-2xl-viewport is set to true, @support-xl-viewport must also be set to true.