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Menu accessibility

This page includes two menus, with accessibility enabled. You can use the cursor keys to navigate through the menu system.

If you need to turn off this functionality, set data-keyboard="false" on your .id7-navigation element.

We include support for most things you'd expect. Users can use Tab/ and to focus primary navigation options. For dropdowns (indicated with a ), users press to open the sub-menu. Esc will close the sub-menu, as will clicking away from the menu.

Jumping between sub-menus or other primary navigation items is possible with the cursor keys while a sub-menu is open. We support jumping to a menu item based on its starting letter—e.g. pressing T will jump to the first item starting with the letter T, e.g. “Test card”. The key can be pressed multiple times to cycle through multiple items starting with the same letter.

We include ARIA attributes for the dropdown trigger, the menu element itself and the sub-items inside. We also provide a visible orange outline for focused items.

We welcome feedback on the effectiveness of our web pages for visually impaired users.